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Select a server and Start hosting something amazing! With our reliable servers and your creativity, not even the sky is the limit! Click "Enter Our Site" or scroll down to get started.

Managed Servers
Quick and easy!

Need something quick and simple? Check out our Managed Servers! You can host Minecraft, GoldSrc Engine games, Source Engine games, and more! Click the button below for more information.

Unmanaged Servers
Powerful Machines, Flexible Solution!

If you need something that's both powerful and flexible, you may be interested in our VPS/VDS, or a Dedicated Server! Click the button below for more information.

  What Do I Choose?
Need help deciding?

Unfortunately, we can't decide what would be most fitting for you, but we can give you all the details of each product and generally who would benefit from each.

  Getting Started
Where and how to start hosting

Check out our documentation on how to set up Managed Servers, Unmanaged Servers, and more!

Got Questions?

So, before making a ticket, we encourage you to read the FAQ, but we also have a Knowledgebase for troubleshooting common problems before making a ticket.

Got questions?

Our documentation section should have the basic questions and answers you're looking for! Don't see your question answered? Click the button below!

  Security Features
Above and Beyond, for your peace of mind!

We aim to provide the best possible server hosting service so we include an array of security features with every single package, including our premium DoS/DDoS Mitigation, protection from other attacks, brute force protection, full disk encryption, full backups, and more at no extra charge!

  About Us
Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

Select and Start is a combined effort of Nikolai (Chaoticly) and Harrison (EBFan). The company goal is to provide the best possible experience one can have hosting servers, and to make it simple and affordable to host servers for those who either don't have the budget, or knowledge to do so. We loved hosting servers so much that we wanted to give the opportunity to do the same without all the struggles we endured! Select and Start is operated nationally and internationally, with servers in Canada, Germany, Poland, Singapore, and Australia with more to come!